Toy Tool, 100 Pieces Kids Construction Toy Workbench for Toddlers Kids Workbench Construction Tool Bench Set, Boys Toy Work Shop Tools Workbench for Toddlers

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1*Hand Saw
1*Combination Wrench
1*Box-end Wrench
1*Adjustable Wrench
1*Insulated Plier
1*T-type Wrench
1*Dust Mask
1*Measuring Tape
1*Transmission Shaft
1*Three Holes Accessories
1*Putty Knife
1*C-type Clamp
1*Bastard File
1*Nailing Hammer
1*Silver Toothed Gear
1*Red Toothed Gear
1*Green Toothed Gear
1*Red Plate
1*Flip Board
1*Suitcase Base Plate
1*Suitcase Handle
1*Trolley Handle
1*Suitcase Component
1*Toy Hat
1* Drill
2*Screwdriver Handle
2*Wheel Parts
2*Workbench Stands
2*Bench Clamp
2*Trolley Wheels
2*Squared and Rounded Accessories
2*Struct Accessories
3*Drill Bits
3*Wooden Blocks
5*Iron Nails
6*Suitcase Buckles
9*Red Hooks
11*Screw Nuts

ELECTRIC DRILL: Do not use the drill on an object that is fixed or immovable. Stop drilling after the screw cannot be turned anymore. Since that the material of the clutch in the electric drill is plastic, the clutch will get damaged continuously and breaks eventually when user misuse the drill.100 PCS: There are more than a hundred pcs in total that you can get from this kids workbench set, which is an equivalent of several toy tool sets that are currently in the market combined. It contains all the toy tool accessories that a little kid desired such as toy construction hat, drill etc.
Unique Design: Unlike the standard toy workbench in the market, our toddler workbench set can transform into 3 different forms which includes tool suitcase, Trolley case and standard stand workbench that can help to continuously surprise your lovely kids.
Not A Flimsy Plastic: The kids workbench is made of plastic but a highest standard plastic which is ABS that allows our toys to have a better noninflammability and great rigidity to prevent unsteadiness even if your kid lean on it which is a big problem that you may find with other identical products.
Portable Storage Suitcase: Thanks to the unique design, our workbench can transform into a portable suitcase, it has enough space to store all the accessories that come along with the set and the suitcase only occupy a tiny space.

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