Thomas the Train: TrackMaster Risky Rails Bridge Drop Video for kids

#RiskyRailBridge is one of the best #Thomasandfriends playset. This #Thomasthetrain set is fun and exciting! #Thomasandfriends race to the top of this Risky Rail Bridge. The Risky Rail Bridge is dangerous. Thomas and Friends can easily fall down this Risky Rail Bridge.

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Thomas The Train: Track Master Risky Rails Bridge Drop is a nice prop. It is hard to put together and tends to drop.

It is about climbing a big mountain to bring down rocks. Thomas The Train did a good job to keep them in stock.

This toy (TrackMaster Risky Rails Bridge Drop) got a B for construction. The reason was that it is so easy to break down and cause destruction.

Thomas The Train engine is strong. It can climb up the towers all day long.

Ken and Hugh were frozen to see Thomas Dropped down from a road. They hoped Thomas doesn’t injured like a toad.

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