Orlando Science Center Idea Factory Science Live! Family Fun Playtime Preschool Kids Video

Going to The Orlando Science Center is a great idea! Kids love #scienceprojects. We witnessed nitrogen balloons at the #orlandosciencecenter.

The Orlando Science Center is free for kids two and under. Also, Bank of America sponsored the #orlandosciencecenter every month. Admission for the #orlandosciencecenter is free!

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We ran out of idea on how to smarten Ken and Hugh. Finally, Idea Factory is coming to the rescue.

Balloon explosions, and marshmallows cooked in cold liquid nitrogen. Anything would taste good in a seventy seven degree kelvin.

Liquid nitrogen is cold enough to boil. A concept that makes a rotten tomato spoils!

How can you tell a zinc penny from a copper penny? Just dipped them in liquid nitrogen and hit them with a hammer. The penny that cracked is the zinc scammer.

How did liquid nitrogen turned a balloon into a piece of dune? Because nitrogen is so cold that it contracted and condensed the air inside the balloon. So now you know why and don’t swoon.

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