Fisher-Price Imaginext Power Rangers Red Ranger And T-Rex Zord

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When you’re protecting the earth from evil forces, this Dinozord is an ally every Power Ranger and young superhero needs! He’s big, he’s powerful and he’s armed to do battle with villains like Goldar and Rita Repulsa (sold separately and subject to availability). Turn the Power Pad to activate his mouth-chomping action! Or press a button to fire projectiles from his two launchers! The battle is sure to be morphenomenal with this mighty duo!Turn Power Pad to activate the T-Rex’s chomping action!
Press button to fire projectiles!
Includes Tyrannosaurus Dinozord, Mighty Morphin Red Power Ranger figure, 2 projectile launchers and 4 projectiles
Add this duo to other Imaginext Power Rangers toys for some morphinominal actionpacked adventures! (Each sold separately)
Create new adventures with your favorite Power Ranger!

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