Car Loan Fraud Exposed !

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Car dealer loan fraud is perpetrated every day in the USA, and the financial gain of car dealers, their managers, and staffed events super sale teams is legend.
We take you behind the scenes, into the almost unbelievable ‘reality show’ of every illegal car dealer loan fraud method, and even the mail fraud perpetrated on consumers using staffed event super sale teams.
We show you how to specifically recognize these fraudulent car dealers and staffed event super sale teams who falsify equipment, income, rent, down payment and even titles that should reflect damage disclosure.
The car dealer loan fraud facts disclosed in this stunning book are almost unbelievable, and yet these very techniques and methods are used every day in the car business to separate a gullible consumer from their hard earned money.
The truths detailed in Car Loan Fraud Exposed! have been investigated completely, and in all situations witnessed first hand, every step of the way.
We also provide you specific steps to start investigating your own auto loans, and provide you exact forms and contacts, with steps to take in each investigative stage.
Car dealers and staffed event super sale teams DO NOT want you to read this book, and they will tremble in their business shoes once the ‘tsunami’ of customer investigations begin, which they most assuredly will.
After you have read and used these surefire fraud busting techniques, buy this very inexpensive treasure trove of information for your family, friends, and co workers.
Even folks planning on getting into the car business need to read this stunning book, so you know what you are in for in almost every dealership you apply to work in.

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